Bradass87 reading at Culture Project Monday 12/17 (Bradley's 25th birthday!)

What: Free reading of a new play on Bradley Manning’s Birthday. 

Where: 45 Bleecker St (at Lafayette) Manhattan, New York

When: 8pm

We are marking the day with a presentation of a fascinating and revealing new work, BRADASS87, comprised mainly of the actual chat logs that led to Manning’s arrest in Iraq for allegedly leaking classified information to WikiLeaks, sections from the transcripts of the ongoing pre-trial hearings, and testimony of his treatment under confinement. We think this can be a fascinating window into Bradley Manning and his actions and throw some light on the complexities of this case and on core attitudes towards freedom of information and secrecy in our society.

There will be a presentation afterwards with Chase Madar, constitutional lawyer and author of “The Passion of Bradley Manning”

Bradass87 reading at the Culture Project Artistic Dir Allan Buchman

45 Bleecker St (corner of Bleecker and Lafayette St), Manhattan, New York

Ben Baur- Bradley Manning
Neal Hemphill- Commander Averhart
Scot Charles Anderson
Kaolin Bass
Jeff Nash
Evan True

directed by David Schweizer
written from documentary sources by Claire Lebowitz
sound design by Michael Feld


Judson Church 6/7 performance

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Judson Church 6/7 performance

“I want people to see the truth, regardless of who they are because without information you cannot make informed decisions as a public”

Matt Mezzacappa as Bradley
photo credit Michael Premo

Judson Church 6/7 performance

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Judson Church 6/7 performance
photo credit Michael Premo