Thank you

to all of our generous donors:

Daphne Carr, Melanie Gold, Kevin Jones, Devin K Irby, Judith Sloan, Amanda Feldman, Gabriel Hoff, Howard Lebowitz, Andrea Lomato, Kim Fraczek, vbanti44, Anonymous, Anonymous, Marjorie Wren, Rachel Schragis, Mary Moodey

we are currently buying costumes with this money for the upcoming performances. We have invested in a set (including genuine prison toilet) and will keep you updated about what we’re doing, thanks for your support!

As well as those who have donated time and other resources:

Cari Machet

Birgitta Jonsdottir

Clark Stoeckley

Orietta Crispino and Theaterlab

Materials for the Arts


Anthony Savini

Alexa O’Brien

Graham Nash

Gan Golan

Jane Zara

Deb Tolson

The Bradley Manning Support Network


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