Bradley Manning in the Theater by Claire Lebowitz- 8/8/13 

“Courage is contagious, and the stories that we tell show what we value. Acting from conscience at any cost is a story as old as humanity and often adapted for the stage. The ancient Greek myth of Prometheus’ heroic act of rebellion against Zeus; bringing fire to humanity at the cost of his own freedom, was performed in 415 BC. Now that our own Prometheus, young, slight, gay soldier PFC Bradley Manning has the full force of the American Empire coming down on him in a tiny courtroom in Ft Meade, Maryland for “want[ing] people to know the truth,” we are learning all over again that knowledge comes at a very high price for which he may pay with life in prison. Bradley’s story has inspired two modern day playwrights to examine if the costs of rebellion and truth telling are so very different in our modern age.”

New York Theater Gets Political, Explores Sex Trafficking, and Bradley Manning– Huffington Post 6/7/12

“Whistleblower Theater Founder/Director Claire Lebowitz is no stranger to socially relevant theater and activism. She served as Judith Malina’s assistant director on the Obie Award-winning revival of the Living Theatre’s The Brig, which MetroMix hailed “a shining work of avant-garde political theater.” She has traveled to Afghanistan a number of times in the past year to create theater with young people there and has seen the instability bradass87 refers to in the chat logs firsthand. “Since I returned from Afghanistan, I wanted to make theater that spoke to real global issues,” she explains. “The way that bradass87 said he felt ‘connected to everyone, like they were all distant family’ resonated with the singularity that I have experienced [in Afghanistan].”

-Lanie Zipoy, Huffington Post

Is the Tide Turning in Favor of Bradley Manning? -Counterpunch, March 8-10 2013

“The coverage has changed because it’s the first time we’ve heard straight from Bradley what his motivations were,” says New York playwright Claire Lebowitz, 30, who has attended several sessions at Fort Meade. “If you’ve just been following the government propoganda which the mainstream media mostly does, they’ve been trying to pathologize him for the past three years. But now people can actually talk about the issues because it’s clear he felt a sense of moral obligation and outrage and that people needed the information.”

Lebowitz, who has written and begun staging a play based on the case, echoes this sentiment, noting, “The suspicions I had about him, based on my research, have been confirmed. I have such respect and great admiration for him. The only way to get a true sense of what’s going on is to be in the courtroom. I think it’s historical. So, being a first hand witness, I feel like I’m better informed.”

Sex and Politics Radio at WBCR in New York City, 2/28/13

(begins at 1:21)

blog write-up about the interview

Let Them Talk– Manhattan Neighborhood News, 5/13/13

Voice of Russia radio interview and article, 7/3/13

“Sheehan joined her supporters for an impromptu staging of a play about Manning entitled “Bradass87” by New York playwright Claire Lebowitz.

‘I was really inspired by Bradley Manning because I taught Theater and English in Afghanistan to Afghan students; so I’ve been there a few times and I’ve seen the conditions the people are living under,’ Lebowitz said. ‘And then after reading Bradley’s [Manning] chat logs, it really inspired me because it was clear that he felt concern for civilians in other countries where America is waging war and occupation.’

Lebowitz calls the play an ongoing project, updating it as Manning’s trial progresses. She uses documentary sources such as information from pre-trial hearings that she attended, transcripts, reporting, and the chat logs that led to Manning’s arrest.”

Anti-war activist rides into DC to call out Obama on policies: Voice of Russia American Edition.

CNN iReport- 6/6/12 Liberty Park (Zuccotti) performance:

Huffington Post- #BradleyPride 7/3/13


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