Whistleblowers Theater

Whistleblowers Theater is dedicated to using our art to support revolutionary progress for our society. We are proud to have our first work tell the story of this remarkable and controversial citizen. If you’re interested in helping Bradass87 we are looking for multiple casts, new venues and financial support to grow and continue. Contact bradasses@gmail.com and follow us online at Bradass87.wordpress.com on facebook at Bradass87play and on twitter @Bradass87ows.

Meet the production team of Bradass87:

Claire Lebowitz, writer

David Schweizer, director

Michael Feld, sound design

Raphael Mishler, set design

Kevin Brouder, video artist

Morgan Jenness, dramaturg

Follow the production on Twitter:  @bradass87ows

Special Thanks to all the actors who have contributed their considerable time and talents to the development of Bradass87:

Matt Mezzacappa, Claire Moody, Pete Dutro, Sean Patrick Monohan, Jeff Nash, Albert Lamont, Ara Morton, Ben Baur, Jack Edward, Matt Hillyer, Clark Stoeckly

  1. /was privileged to have seen the play at Judson — found it to be moving and honest.
    It must be seen by all. The message has to get out. It is a sensitive portrayal of Pvc.Manning.
    Bill Gilson, Veterans for Peace Chapter 34 NYC

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