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Our production, “bradass87” is coming along nicely.  We’ve been holding regular rehearsals and weekly production meetings, we have our prison-grade steel toilet (!) and there will be photos soon of production sketches as well as photos of some of our rehearsals!  None of this could be possible without all of the amazing people working together on this piece.  That includes all of you donors out there.  So thank you.

Below is our new promo image for the production!  Coming up, those much promised photos! 




Also, in an exciting announcement, we will be holding two fundraising premieres next week!  On Wednesday the 6th we will perform “bradass87” in Liberty Plaza, where the Occupy Wall Street movement started, and on Thursday the 7th we will perform again at Judson Memorial Church in Washington Square Park.  All are welcome, please do come by and keep an eye for updates on the specific times!


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