1001 Nights Anthology

“I felt I had accomplished something that allowed me to have a clear conscience based upon what I had seen and read about and knew were happening in both Iraq and Afghanistan everyday.

I hoped that the public would be as alarmed as me about the conduct of the aerial weapons team crew members. I wanted the American public to know that not everyone in Iraq and Afghanistan are targets that needed to be neutralized, but rather people who were struggling to live in the pressure cooker environment of what we call asymmetric warfare.”

–  Bradley Manning from his Providence Statement read in court February 28th 2013


Inspired by Bradley Manning, Birgitta Jonsdottir (Icelandic Parliamentarian – Pirate Party and co-producer of the aerial weapons team, WikiLeaks “Collateral Murder” video) invites you to contribute your creative energies toward a compendium of work to speak TRUTH to power. Now accepting contributions for:

1001 Nights (for the over 1000 nights that Bradley Manning has spent imprisoned without due process)
a call out for works (poetry, essays, drawings, songs…code…) there will be a total of 1001 entries from well-known and unsung freedom fighters from all over the globe.

We will leak what you submit

send a message from you to Bradley

What was the 1st day of prison like for Bradley?

Why do you think Bradley Manning isn’t broken?

Anything Positive

Be impulsive

The Anthology will be #opensource, on a website or digital platform – And also in limited edition print.

E-mail: 1001nights.b.m@gmail.com



An excerpt from Birgitta’s poem “Keep On Going”:

We are not alone

we who work for peace
in our hearts and in the world
let us keep the flame of hope living
let us not stop shouting for justice
take to the streets
and demand an end to this bloodbath of the innocent
and again

this is your work
your quest

your destiny

  1. Charlotte Sheasby-Coleman says:

    Fantastic, Birgitta! Thanks for this and thanks for all you have done for Bradley. Will send something by the 10th.

    Peace and hugs, Charlotte

  2. Manning is a hero in the classic sense of the word. He may die for it, be broken but he will never be forgotten by many. Manning gives courage to those who need it to go on and inspires others to continue or begin. We see you Manning.

  3. Mystic Blue says:

    Those who are enemies of freedom are my enemies also.

  4. Marianne Hoynes says:

    I hope that we as Americans can all come together and be worthy of the sacrifice that Bradley Manning has made for our freedom (of information and justice), by showing our support for his sacrifice. We must put as much pressure on the US Government as we can, to let them know the WHOLE WORLD is watching, and the fate of Bradley Manning will not just go unnoticed. Justice is supposed to be for the protection of the people. Bradley Manning protected us with his actions, from the lies of the US Government. It is THEY who should be penalized, NOT Bradley Manning.

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